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Chelsea was cast in the supporting role of Becky in the film LOVE AND LOVE NOT, which will make its rounds in the festival circuit in 2021.
Chelsea will star as Susie in THE PROXY CURE, written by and starring Marie Smalley as well as Kathryn Hahn and John Schneider.
Chelsea is thrilled that Golden Grand Piano will once again be working with Stag and Lion and its founder Joshua Koehn on John Ramaine's THE CURSE OF JOHN WILKES BOOTH, where she will be playing Lucy Hale as well as directing the film with Koehn. Dan Guindon is the Director of Photography and KCB Media is the publicist. The film will look into Booth's life from his perspective from his time in the limelight to the assassination of President Lincoln up until his suicide. Shooting late January, 2021.
Through We Speak Models, Chelsea shot a Redken and Matrix ad!
Along with Stag and Lion at the Trinity Theatre, Golden Grand Piano (under all COVID-19 precautions and guidelines) shot MACBETH: A CURSED FILM, where Chelsea directed the film and starred as Lady Macbeth. Stag and Lion founder Joshua Koehn was the co-director and starred as Macbeth. Dan Guindon of Golden Grand Piano and Dan Boy Video Productions was the Director of Photography. MACBETH: A CURSED FILM is an uncut feature-length cinematic adaptation of William Shakespeare's masterpiece. Stay tuned for release date!
Despite the pandemic, Chelsea LeSage and the team of CL Squared Productions continue to shoot season 1.5 of 21ST CENTURY DEMON HUNTER. The first episode of the season is available along with the first season in its entirety on Amazon Prime Video. Season 1.5 will be available on 02/14/2021.
Chelsea and partner Dan Guindon (co-founders of Golden Grand Piano Productions) are in post-production on Sarah Villegas' short film THE REST.
The podcasts "Charles and Chelseas's Cinematic Autopsy" and "Chelsea and Charles BEYOND THE BELLE", a women's wrestling podcast, are now available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google podcasts through
Chelsea LeSage is a co-founder of both CL Squared Productions and Golden Grand Piano Productions. She is the star (Julie Golightly) of 21st Century Demon Hunter as well as the antagonist (The Nameless) in the upcoming independent horror feature Bishop's Cove.
Other television credits: The Following, The Egos, TV Land Live, The Holidays, Swipe.
Film: Love and Love Not, Macbeth: A Cursed Film, Yield, Nick and Nicky, Sometimes Why, Zombie with a Shotgun, Laid, Theresa and Allison (producer).
Commercials/Print: too many to count. 
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