News and Updates
*Chelsea LeSage and Dan Guindon founded Golden Grand Piano Productions.  More to come!
*The podcast Charles and Chelseas's Cinematic Autopsy is now available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts through
*Existential Mashed Potatoes on IGTV
*Chelsea's Off-Broadway directorial debut in Stag and Lion at Trinity Theatre's Production of Taming of the Shrew is postponed until Fall 2020 due to Covid-19. She will also be playing Petruchio.
Chelsea LeSage is a co-founder of CL Squared Productions and the star of 21st Century Demon Hunter.
Other television credits: The Following, The Egos, TV Land Live, The Holidays, Swipe.
Film: Yield, Nick and Nicky, Sometimes Why, Zombie with a Shotgun, Laid, Theresa and Allison (producer), Bishop's Cove (pre-production). 
Commercials/Print: too many to count. 
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